The island of Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo or officially Megisti is the southeastern Greek island and municipality located in the Aegean sea, Mediterranean, Greece. Kastellorizo is 125km east of Rhodes (the famous greek island of Rhodes), 570km from the capital of Greece Athens, 280km from Cyprus and is just 2 km south of Turkey.

The official name of the island Megisti means "the biggest" or "the greatest" and was given to the island by the ancient Greeks, Dorians, beacuse its the biggest island of the small island archipelago that includes the islands of Agios Georgios, Agrielaia, Mavri Pini, Polyfado, Ro, Strogyli, Psomi, Psoradia and some other smaller islands. But the most common name of the island is Kastellorizo and this name is comming from the Byzantine era, "Kastello" derives from the Latin word "castellum" which means "small fort", and this word (in the Greek form) was used frequently by Byzantine Greeks. Also the Italians use to call the island "Castelrosso" (Italian, meaning "Red Castle") which in greek is Kastelorizo.

Kastellorizo has 9,113 km2 area and belongs to the Dodecanese Islands and the peripheri of South Aegean Region. The island has an airport and port and through them is connected to the rest of Greece. The island with the traditional greek houses, has amazing small beaches with blue crystal clear sea waters, delicious greek food and fresh fish from the local fishermans.

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Kastellorizo, Megisti, Greece

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